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FSA’s Chief Scientific Adviser’s report on mandatory display concludes standards are driven up

The FSA has published a new Science Report by its Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Guy Poppy. In his seventh Report, Professor Poppy looks at the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) or hygiene stars, and its impact on food safety. The report looks at the impact that mandatory display of ratings has had.

Professor Poppy said: "The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme has been a significant development for food safety and one which has delivered tangible benefits for consumers across the country. The scheme has empowered people, helping them to choose to eat in places with higher ratings. This in turn has pushed restaurants and other food businesses to drive up hygiene standards to attract more customers. I’ve also been encouraged that our research has linked higher ratings to lower levels of microbes found in food businesses, ultimately lowering the risk to consumers from food-borne illness.

Mandatory display of hygiene ratings has been successful in Wales and Northern Ireland and I am pleased that the FSA remains committed to seeing these benefits also realised in England."

Since the introduction of Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in 2010 there has been continued improvement in standards of food hygiene at places people choose to eat out or buy food. There are now over 430,000 food hygiene ratings published at Customers can find out these ratings in matter of minutes.

In Wales and Northern Ireland, food businesses are legally required to display their food hygiene rating. This mandatory requirement has been in place in Wales since 2013 and in Northern Ireland since 2016. There is an automatic penalty for failure to display the correct rating. Evidence so far has shown that compulsory display has driven improved and sustained food safety compliance by the businesses.

The Food Standards Agency is committed to introducing similar mandatory display of ratings at food outlets in England. There is an increasing call for this, and latest research indicates that 84% of consumers think that businesses should have to display their food hygiene rating at their premises. Expect the changes next year.

There is a report on how the ratings are calculated in the "Knowledge Hub" section on this website.

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