Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management
Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management

Improve your food Hygiene Rating with Cowan Catering Management

It is not currently mandatory to display your Food Hygiene Ratings on the front door of your food business in England, but is highly likely that it will become so during 2018. It is now compulsory for all food businesses to display their Food Hygiene Rating ‘stars’ in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Any customer in the UK can find your rating now, within two minutes using the Food Standards Agency website.

  • What an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will be looking for?
  • What do the rating mean?
  • How often will I get a visit?

When an EHO makes a visit to a food business for the purpose of assessing the standards, they will look at 3 key areas.

  • Food Safety practices & procedures
  • Structure of premises
  • Confidence in management

Food safety practices & procedures will look at operations, including;

  • Hand washing practices & regularity
  • Cross contamination procedures including separate equipment
  • Uniform, hats, aprons
  • Cleaning & sanitising processes
  • Allergen processes

Structure of premises

  • Washing facilities including hand washing & staff facilities
  • Building maintenance & condition
  • Physical pest control
  • Suitable materials used

Confidence in management

  • Record keeping including HACCP
  • Staff monitoring & direction
  • Effective schedules including cleaning
  • Staff training

The Food Hygiene Standards Scheme rating will be based on how many areas are found to be below standard.

  • 5 is very good
  • 4 is good
  • 3 is generally satisfactory
  • 2 means improvement necessary
  • 1 means major improvement necessary
  • 0 requires urgent improvement

These ratings will also determine the frequency of scheduled visits from the EHO.
5 stars – expect a visit every 3 years
4 stars – roughly 2 years before a scheduled inspection
3 stars – around 18 months for a visit
2 stars – expect a visit every year
0 – 1 stars – you will inspected at least every 6 months

If you want to achieve 5 stars, which you can proudly display on your front door and need help to get there, give us a call. We can show you how. Please see our Auditing page.


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