Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management
Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management

We are able to offer Hygiene Monitoring of food contact surfaces for commercial kitchens

  • Immediate results with clear visual indicators
  • Trains your team by demonstrating good/bad practices
  • Improves your food safety

Using swabs and scientific instrumentation to give accurate & almost instantaneous results, we can test the levels of bacteria on almost any surface to determine the effectiveness of cleaning programmes.

The hygiene monitoring detects the presence of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is present in all organic material. The Hygiena™ Luminometer measuring device (in conjunction with ATP swabs) uses bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. A swab is taken using an Ultrasnap™ swab and the results are displayed after 15 seconds using a Hygiena™ SystemSURE™ Luminometer.

The results of swabs can give a measurement of how good cleaning and sanitising procedures are in kitchens and food preparation areas.

We also conduct hand washing training using ultra violet detectable lotion, which is safe, non-toxic and virtually invisible to the naked eye. This is rubbed into the hands of the trainee, and an ultra violet light shone on the hands to show its presence, simulating bacteria. The trainee will then be asked to wash their hands normally, and the UV light again shone on their hands. Any residue of the UV lotion will be immediately evident and highlight any areas not washed thoroughly. Should any residue remain, more lotion will be applied and this time training will be given on effective hand washing. Following a more thorough hand wash (still only 20 seconds) the UV light should not detect any residue.

This is a visual and effective way of demonstrating the importance of thorough hand washing to your team.

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