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Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management

Hygiene Silverguard® – protecting you, your kitchen and your customers

  • Gives anti-bacterial protection to frequently touched surfaces
  • Applied quickly & easily & provides long lasting protection
  • Improves your food safety & reassures customers

Cowan Catering Management has developed, in conjunction with Jenflow Systems, a new and unique product for use in commercial kitchens. Hygiene Silverguard® is an anti-bacterial, non-toxic epoxy coating for touch points in the kitchen which are touched often but may not be cleaned often.

Cleaning regimes need a little help in high traffic areas and this coating will provide an effective first line defence to reduce the risk of cross contamination, and potentially food poisoning.

One coating of Hygiene Silverguard® will provide an anti-bacterial surface for as long as the coating remains on the surface. It can be applied to virtually any surface in the kitchen including stainless steel and will be durable and long lasting. This coating is available in several colours as well as a clear finish.

Contact points can be fridge doors and handles, taps, staff toilet door handles, handles of cooking equipment, microwave buttons, gas valves, door push plates, pan handles, light switches and many more. We can even coat the handles of small equipment to reduce cross contamination and bacterial multiplication.

Once applied, the surface can be used within less than an hour and will last for a long time. We will even come back after 6 months and retouch any points in the unlikely event of wear or damage for free. We are happy to apply the coating when the kitchen is closed to minimise disruption to your business, or at anytime at your convenience.

The active ingredient in the epoxy coating is Biomaster®, which contains silver ion technology, proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria. You may have seen this additive in a range of other products and we even supply cloths which contain Biomaster®. Independent testing has proven Biomaster® effective against bacteria associated with food poisoning including Campylobacter, E Coli, Legionella, Listeria, Salmonella and MRSA.

For details of how Biomaster® works, please see our attached pages or visit

We are happy to provide a free quote following a visit to discuss how we can help you maintain hygiene standards, and can usually protect a kitchen within two hours.

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