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Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management

Prosecution for restaurant in Birmingham for misuse of wooden board

There appears to be a recent trend for presenting dishes on wooden boards in restaurants. Nevertheless, standards of food safety must be maintained at a high level, and if not, as severe fines could be issued.

A restaurant in Birmingham has been fined £50,000 for failing to comply with food safety standards. The boards had not been not cleaned sufficiently and created a risk of food poisoning, seriously breaching food standards. This was discovered during a routine inspection by the local council.

This case will raise concerns with consumers, and should raise awareness among those restaurants  that serve food on wooden boards.

Wooden boards may be an attractive way to present food, but they can be unhygienic, especially if  damaged or not cleaned correctly. Any food contact surface should be food grade, smooth, without any grooves, indentations and uneven surfaces. All damaged or split equipment must be replaced or repaired before use.

Effective cleaning is also a huge priority. Cleanliness and disinfection are essential, and all wooden equipment must be cleaned after each use. While dishwashers are effective at sanitising difficult to clean small equipment, due to high operating temperatures, be aware that washing in the dishwasher can cause wooden boards to split. Equipment should be washed with a detergent and then disinfected with a disinfectant or sanitiser, which meets British Standards.

The trend for serving food in unusual and novel ways looks set to continue, as many restaurants offers more rustic and authentic dining experiences. However, hygiene and food safety are crucial, particularly for the safety of consumers and to avoid being slapped with huge fines, both of which could seriously affect your business and damage your restaurant’s reputation.

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