Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management
Food Safety Training, Auditing & Management

Food Safety Training covering Food Safety levels 1, 2 and 3, HACCP, Allergens & Food Safety Management

  • We train at your business anytime
  • Interactive training in several languages
  • Reference materials supplied as standard

Level 1 should be used for an introduction to food safety and is suitable for staff not directly handling food, e.g waiters, pot washers, cleaners.

Level 2 is for all food handlers and is the qualification that Environmental Health Officers will expect anyone handling food in the business to have. This should be refreshed every 3 years.

Level 3 is for supervisors and managers and is appropriate for medium to large Food Service businesses with more staff.

All of our training is completed at your business premises, so no need for your staff to travel. You can of course complete Food Safety Training online for a price similar to ours, but if your team members fail the final test, they will have to go through the whole thing again. We guarantee a pass and will provide each candidate with an invaluable level 2 Food Safety textbook for reference, as well as providing practical examples from experience to accompany the training.

Level 1 Food Safety training with certificate can be combined with Level 1 Health & Safety and a Level 1 Fire Safety as an induction package for new employees. These can take as little as an hour and a half for all three.

Level 2 Food Safety is the most popular training we provide and is the training an EHO will expect all food handlers to have achieved. This will be checked on an EHO visit and will form a major part of the Food Standards Hygiene Rating. This will take between an hour and a half and two hours.

If English is not the first language of your team, then the training can be done using a series of videos in your preferred language, produced by the Food Standards Agency and will take approximately an hour and a half. At the end of the training, each learner will receive a Level 2 Food Safety reference textbook. We can offer this course in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Urdu, Punjabi & others.

Level 3 Food Safety qualification is appropriate for managers and supervisors, and those who want to learn more about Food Safety. This will take between two to two and a half hours. This qualification will entail the candidate first studying a level 3 course book.

Level 2 HACCP qualification is appropriate for those with responsibility for ensuring good food safety practice in an organisation and details the steps needed to produce safe food procedures. The trainee will receive a level 2 HACCP text book.

Level 2 Allergen Awareness qualification details the responsibilities involved in ensuring allergens are correctly identified and highlighted in foods.

Level 2 Customer Service qualification deals with looking after customer needs and how to retain customers and deal with their issues.

Food Safety Management – this is not a qualification, but we can help your business to develop a plan to implement an effective food safety management system. This would be suitable for inexperienced managers who want to get the best from their team.

All of the training materials used are supplied by either Highfield International, the biggest supplier of competence based training materials in the UK, or by the Food Standards Agency, the official government food safety body.

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